Apr 15, 2021 · class=" fc-falcon">There’s always next time.

O. Fifty or so civilians were.

Everyone needs time to themselves, Shōto knows that and he respects the lull in your texts, the absence of your afternoon phone calls.

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Todoroki smiled and stood up, deciding to help the class to accelerate the dinner since he was hungry too. He glanced at the rose again. .

The Todoroki's and the {L/N}'s have always been close, both living in the limelight.

. Aizawa looked at the scene and couldn't believe that you were so badly affected that you'd break momo arm and injure Todoroki. Warnings: Angst.

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May 17, 2021 · fc-falcon">“A little bit,” you replied.

Elegant fingers drummed against the table as that smile overtook her face.

. Length: ~2.

I didn’t change much of it for those of you who read it before. BNHA | Reader | Shoto Todoroki X Reader Todoroki X Reader X Reader.

2k (Masterlist) You walked into the front garden of the dorms, kneeling down by a wilted rose,.


You loved to cook and bake everyday and Taishiro loved to eat, especially if you made it.

. . .

He glanced at the rose again. . . Just as aizawa came in to stop you pushed pass him walking way from much more than a fight. Fine then, I'll have to punish you for that~" Todoroki had a sinister smile all over his face.

“Did you use your quirk on the flower? I didn’t know you could do that.

Don’t hit the black woman”] I just never knew what the song was about when I was you her I just knew it slapped. "I want everyone to know.


Long, dark hair and beautiful intelligent eyes stared back at you.


She sat on the park bench everyday.

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