Aug 9, 2006 · From a community development point of view, Servon (1998) argues that projects to generate income and create jobs are important, but that the aspects relating to community development, such as connecting people, training residents and helping them to access resources are often overlooked. .

9 times more likelihood of owning school assets as compared to schools that do not have income-generating projects.


analysis, the researchers defined income generation inter-ventions as “interventions which impart vocational skills or provide capital or commodities that enhance the capacity of individuals or groups to generate income. . Therefore, this study focused on finding out if there is any contribution of the school-based income generating activities (IGAs) as an alternative source of generating additional funds for financing quality education provision in secondary schools managed by the CDM.

” The study looked at a range of behavioral, psychological, social, and biological outcomes.

, 2011). . Introduction.

” The study looked at a range of behavioral, psychological, social, and biological outcomes. As I described briefly in earlier blogs, this program is designed to help the leaders in a given school (the head teacher, chairman of the PTA, Nuru school representative) brainstorm innovative income-generating projects that are geared towards providing practical learning.

As a conclusion, the income which generated by the academic staffs is at upmost important to the development and sustainability of a university.

Tenedero, Juneth.

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Education is also important for human development. 9.

Income Generating Activities and High School Physical Infrastructural Development A study by Odundo and Rambo (2013) sought to determine the value that the income-generating projects in schools have on the financial performance of public high schools in Kenya.
other projects at the school level.
The study concluded that personnel qualifications, supervision, adequate capital.

Miranda, Lilibeth E.

By incorporating participatory planning and innovative technologies, school head teachers.

2017). As Eleanor Roosevelt said “It is better to light a candle than curse the. income generating projects in public schools is needed as it will serve as a guide and motivation to schools that these ventures can indeed be a viable source the much needed funds.

Whether it’s from increasingly squeezed budgets. . . The interest generated can then be used to improve the community (and school) while also providing income for the lender (e. As Eleanor Roosevelt said “It is better to light a candle than curse the. Income generating projects, that in most of the schools, members of staff are involved in the decision on the Income generating projects to be implemented and that lack of initial capital has hindered the implementation of Income generating projects.


The purpose of this study therefore was to establish the determinants for implementation of income generating projects in public secondary schools. Through the results.

Dec 3, 2009 · Over the past couple of months Francis and I have been working with three schools on our School Business Proposal Program.

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schools that have income-generating projects have a 1.

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Aug 12, 2021 · Satchel allows people in a community (around a school) to pool money together, which can be lent out to earn interest.